Hi, I'm Paul Daley

a lush forest is my creative and professional offering for Digital Story-telling & Micro-Films, Videography & Photography, Forest Expeditions, Deep Ecology & Nature Connected Media.

I was born and raised on Daley's fruit tree nursery in Kyogle, Northern NSW, Australia. Learning the art of horticulture and botany from a young age the path of plants fused a deep love for nature, ecosystem restoration, agro-forestry, permaculture and Earth connection.

Fascinated by the edge between 'Forest Restoration' and 'Permaculture' my passion for the Earth's forests and forest-based cultures took me to tropical Indonesia where I lived in Sumatra, Borneo and Java for 5 years integrating photographic and film documentation with grass-roots indigenous Permaculture and community rainforest restoration.

Increasingly focused on the power of the lens as a creative tool for story-telling, nature connection and shining the light on some of the worlds biggest solutions = forests and human ecosystems that function like forests.

2020 to 2030 has been officially declared as the decade of Ecosystem Restoration - my vision with a lush forest is to nurture the emergence of a culture of Earth stewardship and deep love for the living planet.

You can email or contact me directly on 0456177432 to discuss digital story-telling collaborations or to book in for a forest expedition.


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